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"How can you explain...what can't be explained?" - this is SEEING RED

A hiker who goes on a solo mission into the mountains is found days later, naked and in a dangerous state of shock. The local police receive a video camera found amongst the destroyed remains of a campsite along a mountain trail. Sheriff Dan Miller and Deputy John Adams begin trying to solve the case and identify the hiker, bringing in renowned local psychiatrist Dr. Jim Anderson to try and get through to the hiker. The images on the videotape send all into personal states of disbelief. It appears to be footage of an encounter with something not from this world. Deputy Adams and Dr. Anderson have unknowingly embarked on a journey that will bend their minds and forever change what they believe to be true.



Our goal for "Seeing Red" is to create a film that stokes the dark fears of extra terrestrial encounters within our audience and creates an intense, bone chilling experience. Our plan for exposure is film festivals, and eventually worldwide distribution. Another major goal is to lead to the production of a feature in the near future, which we are currently developing. This feature will have a very similar story and style.


Ever since I was a young lad growing up in Victoria, BC, it has been my dream to write, direct and act in my own science fiction film. I would wander the aisles of the horror and science fiction sections of the neighbourhood video store and write stories about the monsters, ghosts and aliens I would see on the VHS movie covers. I was mostly fascinated with films such as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Fire in the Sky" and dreamed of one day telling my own science fiction story on film.

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